Mundo Indie: The Forbidden Dialect desde Georgia

En esta edición de ‘Mundo Indie’ conocemos al colectivo de hip-hop The Forbidden Dialect de Georgia.

En sus propias palabras (en inglés):

The Forbidden Dialect is a Columbus, Georgia-based hip-hop collective composed of six artists from a diversity of backgrounds. It began in 1998 as a coalition of prominent emcees from high school cafeteria battles, and soon found itself seeping into skate parks and bookstore circles. It soon evolved to incorporate music production and turntablism. It is difficult not to find a modern day b-boy, graffiti artist, emcee, or DJ in Columbus that was not directly influenced by the Forbidden Dialect. More than a decade later the planets have aligned and the collective has gotten together to release a full-length album.

Released in May 2010, “More Than Your Money’s Worth” was quick to stir up noise on the hip-hop blogosphere. Since then, it has hit #1 on Atlanta’s college radio charts and as well as receive radio play in a variety of stations in Puerto Rico, England, Australia, and France. The group’s producer has recently won the Atlanta Beat Fiends beat battle and has produced beats for artists such as Pack FM and Minus a Few, with production for the later reaching MTV2’s Dew Circuit Breakout’s 2007 top 12. The collective recently headlined a show with Killah Priest from the Wu-Tang Clan in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Forbidden Dialect is renowned for its crisp sound, superb audio quality, top- notch production, and witty and poetic lyrics. “More Than Your Money’s Worth” is more than rhymes over beats; it’s a story-telling quilt of carefully crafted songs. Most importantly, the album stays faithful to its hip-hop roots, incorporating both breakbeat and “boom bap” production, as well as blues (“How to Make a Bomb”), nu-jazz (“Business as Unusual”), downtempo (“Tangier”), and even a pinch of dancehall (“Azawas”). The album is an instant hit among individuals who grew up during hip-hop’s 1990’s heyday.

DESCARGA “More Than Your Money’s Worth”

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Empresario, escritor, productor y diseñador radicado en San Juan, Puerto Rico. Fundador y Editor-en-jefe de Puerto Rico Indie. Si tuviese que vivir por el resto de su vida escuchando solamente cinco discos, en estos momentos seleccionaría: "Fabulosos Calavera" de Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, "Girlfriend" de Matthew Sweet, "Marquee Moon" de Television, "Lateralus" de Tool y "Staring At The Sea" de The Cure.