Volumen 11: Entrevista a Bo Madsen, ex-guitarrista de MEW


Por: Saúl Robles Ríos
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Dinamarca es el país independiente con la bandera más antigua, habiendo sido establecida en el 1219. También es el país natal de The Raveonettes y el polémico Lars Ulrich de Metallica. Pero cuando yo pienso en Dinamarca solo me vienen dos cosas a la mente: los vikingos y MEW.

Sí, Dinamarca es el exportador de ese fruto musical que originalmente me fue recomendado por mi amigo Eduardo Martinez años atrás, específicamente el album And The Glass Handed Kites. A mis oídos, MEW mezcla las sensibilidades, melodías y arreglos de una banda “indie” con una presencia y montaje listo para los estadios.

El pasado junio se cumplió un año desde la salida de Bo Madsen, guitarrista y miembro fundador de la banda danesa. Desde entonces Madsen ha aprovechado la segunda mitad de su vida desarrollando su arte y música y compartiendo con su familia. Conversamos con él acerca de sus rutinas diarias, un poco de la historia de MEW y la influencia que tuvo Prince en su música.

Puerto Rico Indie (PRI): The way MEW managed dynamics was inviable, changing time signatures and combining melodic vocals with aggresive guitar lines. Did your sound come naturally when the band first started or was it something that you guys talked about and worked to develop?

Bo Madsen (BM): More or less natural. I mean, we were standing on top of the shoulders of bands like Dinosaur Jr., My Bloody Valentine, and Nirvana. I guess we did talk a lot about music, especially in the later years, but it was never forced, the music.

PRI: MEW is arguably Denmark’s biggest music export. How did the fans back home reacted to the break-up?

Bo Madsen (BM): Sad, like I felt. But it was time.

PRI: Can you give us a sense of what your days are like now that you’ve left the band?

Bo Madsen (BM): I have an office/studio near where I live in Hellerup, a suburb near Copenhagen where I grew up and went to school with the rest of MEW. So I go there after I drop my kids off (at that same school, by the way) and I started making these big paintings that I had wanted to do for a while and also self studied creativity. Figuring out how to spend the second half of my life and trying to make for myself the perfect work life.

PRI: Your recent work is not in a medium that we’ve seen you work before, your book Jordbo (Danish for ‘Earthling’) has been described as a diary of sorts of the past years in your life. How would you describe it?

Bo Madsen (BM): Yeah, it’s real open and you see me… edited, but still. It’s how I see life, with good and bad sides. You see, I am really in love with this life, how it can be so amazing and it is really amazing, but when you have this life-view you also hold the other, the darker, more melancolic part. They go together. So I am lucky because I love life! I wanna try and experience it all and that’s wonderful, but that also carries a sadness built into it… because at some moment life stops.

Bo Madsen comparte su vida abiertamente en Jordbo

Bo Madsen comparte su vida abiertamente en Jordbo

PRI: What inspired you to create Jordbo? How has it affected your work?

Bo Madsen (BM): I wanted to draw a line in the sand and say: this was the first half, wrap it up, end this part of life in a way… and also, be more open, put myself out there, connect to others by being open.

PRI: Are you working on your own music?

Bo Madsen (BM): YES, along with many other things but yeah, I’ll have music out.

PRI: What’s your gear right now: guitar, pedals or amps?

Bo Madsen (BM): Martin 12 string acoustic and my iPhone.

PRI: Jordbo also includes some of your drawings, paintings, photographs, and poetry. Moving foward, do you see yourself combining all of these mediums with your music?

Bo Madsen (BM): I have a new band now –just recorded the other day our first songs. And yes, here I will be using all these sides of my creativity and it feels GREAT!

PRI: Prince recently passed away and you posted some nice words about his influence and the albums that had an impact on you. Can you share some of his influences on your music, art, and life?

Bo Madsen (BM): Intros/outros –Prince taught me the value of a good intro and outro and I brought that into MEW. Stageshows –which, except for the films, I came up with, are clearly Prince inspired …And the humor, just to name a few.

PRI: Bo, mange tak! Thank you so much –I really appreciate your time.

Bo Madsen (BM): Thanks man –and no problemos.

Mantente al tanto de novedades a través de la página oficial de Bo Madsen y consigue tu copia de su libro, Jordbo, aquí. MEW lanzó su más reciente producción, + –, en abril del 2015; el mismo debutó al tope de las listas de ventas en Dinamarca.

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